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Solar energy is the future!
Solar energy is the future!
It is projected that more solar will be installed in the next two years than in the past 40 years combined!
Our government is pushing to have 40% of our nation’s energy produced by solar by 2035!
Brite Ray Solar is on a mission to create a higher quality and more sustainable way of life for families now and into the future.
We offer homeowners control, predictability, and protection against the rising rates of the utility companies.
By installing solar with us, homeowners can:
  1. Immediately reduce and eventually eliminate their electric costs
  2. Increase their property value (A recent Zillow report shows that homes with solar installed sell more quickly and for 4.1% more than comparable homes without solar.)
  3. Collect a 26% Federal Income Tax Credit
  4. Own their power instead of renting it from their utility
  5. Help create a cleaner future for the next generations
  6. The best part is that it will cost nothing to get started!
We appreciate your help so much that we want to offer all of you our Ambassador Program!
For anyone you refer who ends up installing solar with us, Brite Ray Solar will give you a $500 referral fee upon installation!

We are so excited to join Premium Realty’s Preferred Partnership program and we look forward to working with all of you!

Arwen Carlin
Sales Manager
Brite Ray Solar
Cell: (919)599-9754

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